Last Saturday.

Here are some thoughts I had typed up from last Saturday, which is an attempt to get people caught up, but I have a feeling we will just start from here. 



                It’s another Saturday; another day off from the normal work schedule and demand of the week, so I find myself continuing the editing process for the book, which has become somewhat challenging today. This will be the sixth photo shoot I will be editing for the book and this one more than the others has been difficult. I think mainly because of my desire for every photo to be perfect, for it to be worth being in this book and the want for that internal approval, that knowledge of knowing that every photo edited She would have approved of.

I guess the key to this struggle is time. The need to understand that something great does not come quick but takes time and effort, something she taught me in every aspect  of Her life. So today is a day to walk and not run. Because when we run we miss things, we don’t get to experience things because everything is moving by too fast.

So today, I walk. Not mall work, not power walk, or jog; just walk and not just during editing but for the rest of the day, maybe week, or even this month. Because too much is missed in our “busy” lives, so walk don’t run.


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