Motivation to write.


       This week we start the lent season and my amazing brother and sister invited me over for dinner for Ash Wednesday. It is always good to spend time with them and catch up on what is going on in our lives. After talking about “The Book” (which we all have come to call it as of right now), Jim asked to see it since no one in the family has seen it but myself. So the three of us gathered around the computer and looked through the pages that have been completed. It was great to have them look to see where the book is as of right now. But after telling them of the process of just one photo shoot and editing and getting it ready to be in the book, they both encourage me to think about documenting the process of finishing the book.

                I have been thinking about it now for a few days now, if I should share about the process, labor, good times, and hard moments of finishing this book. I have personally be writing about the day to day process and keeping an ongoing journal about all the shoots and time spent editing.

                So maybe this is a good idea to shows others that her work has not just ended, but is being finished, that her love and dedication for this book will be shown one day, and that even though she is not here physically, her work can still be a reminder of who she was and how she lived. And my hope in finishing this book is just that. I just hope that others will get to see it and be inspired and remember her for everything she was and more. 


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