Another Page in “The Book”


               It was another gloomy Michigan winter day, one that allowed for the sun to peek through the clouds here and there while it was snowing. For me it was a perfect day to stay in and drink some tea while I worked on “the book”.

Today, I just had a few more photos to finish editing, which seemed to go faster today then normally. Maybe because there were only a few or I just knew how Sarah would have wanted them to look. Still editing all of the photos is not the only challenge, but the picking and choosing of which ones will make it in the book. For example this shoot I took over 200 pictures; then from there I looked at all 200 or so pictures to find the ones that I know Sarah would have picked that she felt were good, which for this shoot were 30 to 40 pictures. While picking out all the good ones I write them down on a large white board and write the photo number and if it’s ok, good, or great next to them. Then Start editing.

              But today I had finished all of the above, all the looking, choosing, editing, to now figure out which of all of these photos would make the book, which really means out of the some 30 or 40 pictures I spent days editing I would only pick between 4 or 8 to make it in the book. It’s like a competition or reality show were only a few will win after so many having gone through all of the stages. Still that was today and part of my evening. Picking only a select few that I know Sarah would want to be in the book. Still today was different, I normally know during the editing process which photos will make it in the book, but today I was fighting to figure out which ones! When I get this way I always find myself looking through the book thinking about Sarah, about what she loved, how she viewed everything, which ones she would be blunt and say no to and which one she would say were her best shots. It’s a hard thing to do; looking through the book and having all of the memories come flying back at you and then having the anxiety kicking in with thoughts that second guesses a lot of decisions. But in a way it’s a good thing, it’s the best way to ensure that everything that is being done is how Sarah would have wanted it and how she would have done it and that I am just an extension of her.

            After spending time thinking about Sarah, about the purpose of this Book, and which photos would be the ones She would have picked, I finally put together another part of the book that I hope and somewhat know for a fact that Sarah would love these new pages to “the Book”.
So even though it still hurts and is still somewhat painful to look back at all the memories and adventures on these photos shoots, I think it’s a positive thing. It has been allowing me to move forward on the right foot with this project and in the healing process.

           Thank you for reading. This is far from finished, so let the adventure continue on.


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