A Break, An Adventure, And The Simple Things.


It’s been some time since I have worked on the book, mainly because of life and the craziness of working and other events coming and passing so fast. Still a break is not a bad thing I guess. It has allowed for my eyes to rest and come back to the book today refreshed. Still while on a mini break I spent the day with my sister on a vintage shopping trip and a stop off at Anthropology, which was exactly what I needed. See Sarah used to work there back in the day, and we would go there to pick up this magazine called Kinfolk. While my sister and I were in the store I saw the new issue on their counter and I had to get it. Sarah wanted to make this book in the same style as this magazine. When she started the book, she and I spend a few hours up north on a vacation reading them looking at how amazing their photos were and the way they had it lay out. So while in the store I purchased the spring issue and then headed to Starbucks to sit and read it, study it, and to let it take me back to a time when Sarah introduced me to a style that I love as much as she did. It was like in some way it was a perfect reminder of what Sarah wanted this book to be like, how she would have looked for inspiration. It was a great moment sitting there reading.

photo (1)

Still with the all the break and adventure out I knew that I needed to get back to working on this book. See for me the longer I am way from the book the more worried, scared, and stressed I get because idea of not finishing this book pops in my head and it’s just one more thing that I don’t want to live with, an unfinished book.  Since I had a cancellation today for another photo shoot with the book, I continued editing, laying photos out which are great and all, but I need a photo shoot! I need to get out there with this camera and get more photos for this book! It is now spring and I worry that I will miss it. I feel like a drug additic needing a fix. Still I am seeing this is still something that I cannot rush, something I cannot force to happen. I just need to plan things out so that they will happen.

While typing this two of my favorite people messaged me to talk about setting up a time for a shoot. I am excited and trying to ensure this happens. But also while talking with them it is a perfect reminder of how people are still willing to help and support this journey, even with their crazy schedules they are in.

Editing has been becoming more and more draining, but the excitement of SPRING and lining up shoot for it for has been a fuel to keep going. It’s amazing how the small things can keep you going, may it be fear, or the excitement of friends, or for a new season for photos shoots. So in the end of the day it’s the small things that are just as meaningful as the big things. Which is something I will never forget Sarah saying; she would always remind me how she loved the simple things are life. And I think there is something truly beautiful and meaningful to having that mindset.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you too will enjoy the small and simple things in life as we start a new season.


Hitting a Speed Hump.


​  ​If you are ever in the Grand Rapids area (I don’t know why you would be but if you are) look for the street signs that read “Speed Hump.” When I first saw one I laugh and was wondering what that meant until I found my car going over what was a speed bump on steroids. See where I leave they are these small little bumps in the road that slow you down for, but in GR they are these mini hills that you have to drive over. When Sarah and I were visiting a friend we all would joke about these Speed humps.  Still even with them being so large and annoying, they were important; they had a meaning, a purpose.

​  speed hump

Today was a day that I hit a speed hump. While using the online website that Sarah had started to upload her pictures and use to format the book I got a warning message about the data space and storage. I have come to find out that the website can only hold so much memory and I have reached that limit. So I have arrived to a speed hump; but one that I can overcome. This site that Sarah had been using has a program that you can download that has more features, allows you customize layouts and here is the kicked there is no limit to data or storage since it’s not web based.  This is wonderful, but here is where the speed hump comes in to play, I cannot transfer what Sarah has already done to this program. Meaning that I will have to redo all of the pages she has done.

So this morning I started on relaying out the book just as Sarah had started online. Which has turned out to be a long process which involves me flipping between the website and layout program to ensure it’s just has she has done it.  A speed hump I think yes. As frustrating as this should be I see that it is important, meaningful, and has a purpose. Yea I have to redo all of the work that has been started, but this means from here on out I am not limited to what a website can only offer, I am not limited; I am able to keep working, and able to ensure that everything from here on out is how Sarah would have wanted and done. And on top of that while reconstructing all of the pages I am getting to look at how Sarah did everything and how to keep it from here on out as she would have done. This speed hump is slowing down the progress but is also opening the door to a much more creative process to drive deeper in how Sarah would have done things and to make this book as amazing as Sarah would have wanted it to be.

It’s just a little hill that is being overcome right now and I have a feeling we still have more to follow this one, still thank you for reading and following along as we get closer to Fin.