Hopes, Dreams, and Stories: The Starting of Spring.



It is odd the tricks time can play on you. How things can feel like such a long time ago but yet happen just recently or how memories could have felt like they happen yesterday but were really months ago. This past Friday I found myself continuing on this journey, and it was taking me to Owosso Michigan. The drive out there was a very sweet one, with bitter moments. It was a beautiful clear day, but as I drove to Owosso I passed place that I once went to with Sarah, ones we made memories at that seemed long ago. I realized I was alone in this journey, not just alone in the car driving, but alone in the fact that I needed to do this on my own. Still it is amazing how beautiful the day was and how a little road trip can open your mind, allow you to think, and even pray about the events to come or the events in life that have passed.IMG_1397

After a great drive and a few cds later (and yes I still use a cd player in my car) I meet up with the couple I would be doing the photo shoot with and it was great! The shoot was real simple but nice. It was a great time and one I need since I have been feeling the pressure of not having a shoot in sometime. Still while being behind the camera during the shoot, it was such an out of body experience. See when it was Sarah and I at shoots with couples I just watched her do what she loved, and watched how graceful she moved and saw things that I bet no other photographer would have seen. It was simply amazing. But for me it is such an out of body feeling, every shot and move I make I just think of Sarah, and what she would do, or think about what she would see that I may not. It’s almost like dancing and I am trying to let what I learned from Sarah and what I saw her do and her love lead me in every step, every turn, every move, and in that moment I am not me, but just an extension of her; and it is beautiful because of the memories it brings back.

After the shoot my wonderful friends need to go get ready because we all would be meeting up later for a concert. So I found myself in a small town looking for a place to eat. I ended up at a bar/grill and made friends with the whole wait staff and I mean the whole wait staff! If they let me in the kitchen I would most likely made friends with the cooks. While eating I was able to hear stories about their town and lives and even their hopes and dreams which seem to soon become a theme of the trip.

Later that evening I ended up at a concert where my friends would be performing. I spent some time behind the stage with the other bands. It was great to meet new people. While I was talking to a singer of another band he was telling me about moving and different things going on in his life and even his hopes and dreams for his upcoming move.  While talking he asked about me, where I was from, what I do, and then if I was seeing anyone. The guy had open up to me so much that I told him of Sarah, the book, and Journey I was on to finish it. He was moved by it, so we prayed traded numbers and talk little later on. Still the whole night I got to meet and be with people that were truly amazing, people that were so loving, great, and such a blessing to get to know. I stayed the night with a friend; too waking up the next morning and having breakfast with new amazing friends that open their arms and doors to me.

I left later that afternoon to make the drive home, and just felt so alive. The 24 hours I spent with all of these people made me see something I have over looked. I normally don’t tell people about this journey I am on, about Sarah or the book. But with hearing other stories and telling a few about mine and hearing how encourage they were by it. On my way home I see how amazing it is to not only ask people about their lives and hear their stories, but how it can be encouraging to tell others of mine and letting more and more people take part in it. This weekend was just a reminder of why I am doing this, and also a reminder of all of the amazing people that truly love Sarah and me; and that are becoming a big part of this book and journey.

So thank you to all the people I met this weekend, to the love and support of strangers and new friends. I am blessed by you all and most of all Thanks you for reading. I hope for more great things to happen in this story.


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