A coincidence and a moment’s notice



I am one to always find myself saying, “What a coincidence.” Because in life it is truly amazing how everything from small moments to large events are connect, and how they play out in our day to day life. Even the most random craziest things play out in that coincidence of life.


Today was one of those days of coincidences and ironic moments. To me it was going to be another Friday at work, where no one would be in the office and I would just sit at a computer doing the same thing I always do on a Friday. But to my surprise it was not a normal Friday. While I was finishing up some work before lunch I got a text from a friend asking about the book and if I still needed ideas and people to help. I said yes and wonder what they had. They sent me a text with an idea that would be perfect for today because of the weather conditions and asked if I would be free that evening for a shoot. I was excited but also worried because the shoot would be in Flint, I still had a good amount of work to do at my job and did not know if I could make it. While trying to figure out logistics of the shoot I went to lunch with some coworkers at a Chinese place, and that’s when the coincidence happen, when we were leaving and I was talking myself out of the shoot a little bit and trying to figure out how to make it work; In that moment our bill and fortune cookies came and my fortune cookie read this, ” The most beautiful adventures are not those we go to seek.” It put a smile on my face and I knew that I need to make this shoot happen. I even remembered that I stated to a friend that I would do whatever it takes for make this book happen; so I rushed back to work, finished what I needed to get done and drove home to get my camera and gear. Moments later I was on the road driving a little over an hour for a shoot and area I have not been and let me tell you it was one of the most exciting adventures and shoots. The whole drive there I was so excited, I could not sit still or stick with the speed limit (yes I was speeding the whole way.) because it felt right, it felt like that this shoot even so last minute it was going to be something amazing and perfect.photo (2)


I think that coincidence only happen when we let life take its course or better yet, just letting God take control. A lot of the photo shoots and planed out and scheduled days or weeks in advance and I scout out the area if I have time. But this shoot came together in hours, my friend scouted the area for me and it all fell together perfectly. I could have not asked for a better shoot to come together the way it did and after looking at the photos this morning with my cup of coffee, I am eager to edit them and put them in the book because of how great they came out!


I think that out of this photo shoot it’s not just about letting things happen naturally and working with what is going on around you, but trusting that everything will work out, even if you don’t have it planned out or even figured out.


I had myself almost talked out of the chance to have an amazing shoot in a really cool town because of fear, uncertainty, and even laziness. But when look at my reasons for not going they did not out weight the reasons to go. I said that I would do whatever it would take to finishes this book and I’m sticking to that, it’s just nice when amazing loving people go out of their way to be a part of this book.


I heard once that coincidences are just God’s little reminders that He is still at work, that He still has a plan. And for me I love that coincidences are a part of this journey and process.


Thank you for reading.



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