Deep In My Soul, Light over Dark


                I feel bad that I don’t spend more time writing and keeping up on post and what is going on in the process of finishing “the book” more regularly. Still the process of this book is filled with a lot of down time, hours spend in front of this old laptop, scheduling shoots, and connecting with people on creative date ideas. I kind of think that people don’t want to hear about these simple moments and leg work that is going on. But then again it’s a part of the process and there are so many incredible moments that happen when I am just working alone. There are moments while working on the book I wish others could experience the feelings and moments I get to have. But I think that this site is that way for people to stay connect to this project and Sarah’s dream, and everything that will and has come out of it.

It’s the emotions of making and working on this book that I want to convey to people. It’s all of these feelings that I get to feel and have to face while making this book that are so monumental. All of the ups and downs that make every moment perfect, scary, upsetting, and beautiful; that I hope people will get to hear about and understand. I am really writing today to tell you about how editing is going. I am still working on editing the photo shoot that took me out to Owosso. And let me tell you it’s moments like these I need, I hope for, and I am thankful for. While sitting and finishing the last few photos I was smiling! Excited! And having an overwhelming excitement as I can see this book still coming to life. Not because of how happy I am with how the photos have come out, but because they caught moments that beautiful and meaningful. They are just another reason of why this book will be special. It’s these moments I wish I could share will everyone. This internal joyfulness and excitement; the feelings you get when your heart flutters and you could almost cry because you know deep down in your soul that it is well; It’s almost the same feeling I had when I fell in love with Sarah; and it’s that understanding of how little I am in the wake of how big and meaningful this book and dream really is.

I want to tell you that everyday editing is like this. The overwhelming of emotions of joyfulness, but in reality it is not. The ups and downs of emotions come quick. The downward emotions may come more, but when there are these uplifting moments I want you to know about them, because of how fantastic they are and how they truly out weight the downs. And I think that not only while working on this book, but also in life, even with all of the dark and downward emotions we feel, that we need them to enjoy the light and better side of life. We need the dark to prove the light. We need sadness to make happiness have more of an importance.

Thank you for reading, and sorry if this seem more of a rambling. But I found myself caught in a moment that I want people to know about, to maybe even feel with me. Still I hope today that you see the good, and feel a deeper happiness and peace within your soul, so that in the dark moments you know what good is really out there.


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