The Art of Gift Giving, And the Gift That Has Been Given.

She has given me a gift. Never thought of it but been thinking of a moment I remember. A moment where I was at her old work the salon where she was hanging up her art work. It was the first time I met the owner. She asked if I was an artist as well. I said no. Never really thought I was or what I did could be considered art. But I realized that I am and I always was. And Sarah knew it, encourgaged it, and I have not even thought of it till just now while sitting in a creative arts conference in Chicago thinking of her. Thinking of her talent, of her gifts that has given all of us so much.

But if you asked if I am an artist, I would say that I’m not right now. Right now I am a man finishing this project that was started by a beautiful women that had an amazing gift that I don’t want people to miss out on. I was thinking about how everything I do for the book is in the lenses of her and it is a beautiful lens. I read an interview of Sarah a while ago to help me remember and to make sure that as I took these photos it would be something Sarah would have done and she said this….

“The way I go about creating an image is hard to explain. I love nature and how even if you go to the same place twice, it is different. I grew up around nature and wanting to be in it all the time. It is a feeling, a place, an emotion I get within me that I want to share. Nature is the base in most of my work. I enjoy the challenge of connecting people and objects to nature to carve out a new meaning.”

It is amazingh how as I look back at a lot of the photos of the book how I see Sarahs love of nature and other elements come in to focus without me even really seeing it as I am working. This is just one part of the glass that makes up the lens at which allows me to see her dream. It’s stunning how her love of nature, and of people is just another gift of inspiration to me and to others.

The book is coming along, still allowing to let her dream of it guide me to the end, to fin. And I hope that it will be seen as a gift to others so that they too will be able to remember her love and art for a long time.


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