Yesterday was the first fall shoot for me. It was a good one. One that was filled with smiles, taking chances and overcoming road blocks. It was very interesting to see how all of these photo shoots will go. Every shoot has had a funny story, something to overcome, and even a life lesson or two in them. This shoot went well when we got to the location. We found our selves out in South Lyon for the shoot but hit so many road blocks to get there. The endless traffic, detours, road blocks and having to drive out of the way to get to the location made it seem like we would never get there. Still we made it, had an amazing time and wonderful shoot. It hit me on the way home how even with every thing that got in the way and the feeling of almost being defeated I was able to over come and it worked out. I think thats how life has been or seems at some point. The moments when you feel like you will never make it to where you are going. The frustration that sets in when life is not turning out the way you planned or wanted it to. But some how, in some amazing way when those feelings come if we work at it, fight against it, and don’t give in or give up it works out. Yesterday was that sweet reminder that; yes this book has been hard, yes there are times when life is so frustrating, and it seems we will never get there. But when you work at it and you do arrive and you look back. Its makes it all so much better and sweeter to have come so far after so much has had to be overcome. I hope you are overcoming whatever you are facing this weekend. I know this book will be filled with these kinds of stories that I will know of, and it will make finishing this book so much sweeter in the end.

Thank you for reading. We are almost there, almost to fin.


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