Allowing to be Lead and letting plans unfold themselves

Amazing, exciting, and a perfect follow up to the first shoot of fall is how I felt after last Sundays photo shoot. Still there is a lot to get done for this season and the leaves are leaving us so quick that it worries me. Still this past Sunday shoot was perfect and I mean perfect. A shoot filled with a lot of risk that left me happy with how it went. The risk was the fact that I did not really have a plan. I knew what the date was and the couple that would be in the shoot, but nothing more or less. It was not till the day before that I really knew what location we would go to, and what the date would look like. In some odd but amazing way it was like I was being lead and guided the whole time. I had a few different spots pick out for this shoot, but I felt lead to take the photos at Kensington park. A place that Sarah and I loved to go to often, which felt right that the shoot was there. Also, the couple that what in the shoot was also perfect for it and during having coffee with one of them a week before the shoot I just felt that I needed to ask if they wanted to be in the book. I literally asked…”what is your favorite season?” and the reply was fall just cementing it even more that these two were the right pick for this date. On top of that I had no idea where in Kensington we would go, but somehow we found this spot that made senses for this date right by the water.

It is amazing how when we don’t worry about all the details or try to have everything planned out so perfectly that in the end it works out better then we had even hoped for or even thought. This may even seem kind of odd or even crazy at best, but during the shoot by the edge of the water all I could think was how cool it would be if I could get some pictures from the water. So in that every moment, my boots and socks came off and I found myself in the lake up to my waist taking pictures. It was amazing, freeing, and beautiful all in that moment. It was a risk that was taken and was worth it.


The whole thing was amazing and in some odd crazy way it was almost as if Sarah had it all planned out for me. I know this may sound crazy or odd, but the whole time all I could think was that something was leading and guiding the shoot almost as if Sarah was there directing the whole thing and I was just following her lead, even the part were I walk out in the lake to get some of the shoots and did not worry about dropping the camera or falling in.I just stepped out in the water as if it was welcoming me in.

I guess when we let go of the plans we have or have made we allow for some different to happen, we let something more divine and beautiful lead or guide us. Which is never a bad thing, because in the end where ever we are lead it will be better then what ever we plan, because nothing you plan turns out the way you planned it.



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