A Fire that has not Gone out Yet.

Have you ever built a fire? It’s kind of an amazing thing, you watch different things come together to produce something beautiful. But with building a fire there is the risk of it going out, not catching, or getting burned by it. In some way this project has felt like that experience. See you start with the kindling to start the fire, which catches quickly and in itself is the fire, which is like the needing to finish this book. It caught me quick and started something. But kindling does not keep a fire going nor does the need to do something. You need a smaller logs and wood to keep it light and get the fire going so that it will last. Just like the need to get a camera and people to take part in this adventure. Once that catches that’s when the big logs or large wood is added to the fire and that’s when it’s at its brightest and hottest. Like when I started to travel across the state, meet some amazing people and get photographs that have found their way in to this book. Still a fire cannot last on a few logs or pieces of wood. It needs to be tended to and have wood added so that it can last and not go out.

As we have arrived in the winter season there are still things to be worked out, worked on and the need of more wood so that this fire does not go out. It has been very hard lately to work on the book with this crazy holiday season. Still it’s in the quite moments of the day that I have been working and thinking of how Sarah would have gone about this book. How she would have created, worked through a night to get everything just right, I think about how hard of a worker she was. Which adds another log to the fire for me; how I need to follow that example of being a hard worker. Not just with this book but in life. She understood how hard work and time is needed to make anything beautiful and worthwhile. For me I feel as if the fire is slowly dying and I need to add more to it to keep it going. It’s been amazing, brilliant, and beautiful fire so far and it’s far from dying out. It just needs more time and work to ensure that it is something worth wild. Because her art was, her talent was, and she was worthwhile.

Thanks you for reading, for listening, and for helping this to be worthwhile. Soon we will see what fin has to hold. But, before that there is some exciting news on it way that I hope to share soon.


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