Nicknames, Titles, and the Depth of Six Words.

Our names hold so much meaning. It’s a link to our past, our heritage, and the people that have come before us. I know some people dislike their names and use a nickname to hide it. Or maybe a few of you are like me and have had a nickname that you been called all of your life, but behind that stands your real name, a name rich with meaning. I have been thinking a lot about names and titles. A while ago the title for “the book” was found. And I have been thinking about it, resting on it, and keeping it tucked away till I felt I could share it. For so long “the book” has just been a nickname hiding something more profound, something more beautiful, and something that has a deep meaning and past. The title to me stands for so many things and with that many of you will read it as just a title or maybe something more. Still I will be very daring and tell you the secret meanings that this title holds for me. BUT! First you will need to know the title of “the book” (this is the moment I were you take a deep breath and read the title, and I hope you are excited and not disappointed)


Dating Through The Seasons

Well…there it is my friends. The title. The Date Book’s real name, I don’t know what you are thinking right now or how you are feeling. But I hope you will keep reading so I can tell you about it, tell you something I have been thinking about since this title came to be. First, Jim and I were not totally sold on this title at first, but when he put the look of the book together and I saw it I was amazed and loved it and saw how it fit perfectly. Next, if you know me I love deep meaning behind things. I love to know why things are the way they are and I can’t stand when things have no depth to them.  It is like swimming in a pool that is only three feet deep. No one is going to have fun. So, what is the depth behind this book? Well there are a few things and know that this is just what it means to me and I hope you will have your own take on it.

“A YEAR OF ADVENTURES” stands for not only all the seasons that the book covers, but also the year of adventures I have been on while working on it since Sarah past away. I have spent roughly a year driving around Michigan take photos, a year spent connecting with people I know and love and also with people I have never met before to have a photo shoot with for the book. A year of sitting in front of a computer editing and laying out the book; A year fill with so many stories and adventures to get to this point. This simple line “A YEAR OF ADVENTURES” is a diving board into depth of stories revolved around this book. Then there is the line “MY DEAR.” If you know me I love calling people by terms of endearment and when I say people I mean everyone. But I don’t really use dear as much. There is something that is special and old fashion about it that seems perfect about it for the title. Perfect because if I ever see Sarah again I could imagine myself telling her how this past year has been an adventure…my dear. It also makes me think of letters, because we see the word dear in almost every letter we write. And every page that I have worked on is a letter to her saying; “My Dear, look at the adventure I was on. I wish you were here. Love Don”

So that is what the title means to me right now. I know the more I thinking about it and say it in my head there will be more depth to it. Still, for right now this is good enough for me. I hope you find some kind of meaning in it as well, and if so I would love to hear about it.  Just know that yes, we are very closet to the end. It could be any day now. A lot of the back end work has been or is being figured out and just know there is one other BIG announcement that I can’t wait to share. But I feel that the title is a good start for now.

Thanks you for reading. Fin is around the corner and I can wait for you to hold this book in your hands.