Something Bigger Then Us.

I never knew what I was getting myself into; I think that kind of normal for me. Something seems right so right that you run after it no matter what the cost or risk is. And you know what? I am so glad I am that way. When I pick up were Sarah left off on this book, I did not know where it would go, what it would be costing me, and I still don’t know what is going to happen when it is done.  There is only this hope that it will be something amazing and even do something amazing.

See, this book was being made for a great friend of ours out of love and fun, and well with how things have turned out there is something more to this book then just that. It holds something so much deeper that I can’t truly understand it. I do know for me this book as held me together in moments when I was coming apart. It has given me some odd sense of purpose, a fight to not give up but keep going, and a sense of something greater then just a camera and me.

Still, my greatest hope for this book is for it to do something amazing for others. Sarah was a beautiful woman that always thought of others before herself. She was one to help people no matter the cost.  So in that spirit we want this book to help others, to do something amazing to make an impact on peoples lives, just like Sarah has done and would have done. With that we will be teaming up with a charity and every single cent that is made on the selling of this book will go directly to the charity in Sarah’s name.

And with that we will be teaming up with Charity Water!!





We will be raising money by selling the book and giving all the profit to Charity water to build a well in Sarah’s name that will provide water to a village that does not have clean water and facing death and diseases because of that. We will in the next few months or so finishing the final touches and starting our campaign to raise money to print the book and build a well. I hope that you will be apart of this with us. Who knows what will happen, but I believe that when you step out in faith and want to do something for good, that you can’t be stopped. So let’s make this happen. More details will come soon.

Thank you for reading. We are on to something so much bigger then us and Fin is so very close and I cant wait for us to reach the end.