Waiting, loss ends, and tying things up

Things take time. Something that we all have heard. Which some days drive me crazy. Some times I worry that something is taking to long and it will never get done. And then sometimes I worry that it did not take long enough and it will not be good enough because of that fact. Still, in this moment it feels like it’s taking forever to get thing tied up and finished to show you and to make an impact in the world. Still I have learned loss ends are never good and can hinder something beautiful. It’s like tying a knot. If you have ever rocked climbed or spent time on a sail boat you know the best knot is one that is tied with care and tightly, and if it’s not then it will not do what it was made to do, and with that it can wreck or hinder you from seeing the beauty from the top of the mountain or set sail out on the open sea.

Also, I think about this a lot, how it feels like it has been forever since i picked up where Sarah left off. I also have been thinking about how distant she feels and in those moments I look at her art work and see how amazing and gifted at photography we was, knowing that she would be proud of the work has been done in her book.
So even with all of this heartache and nerves that come with waiting. It’s a good thing, maybe the best thing, because I know I did not rush, that every moment was taken to make sure that this book will be the best it can be. And so that it can be a way that we remember Sarah and build a well for people in need.

Thank you for reading, supporting and believing


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