Impact and change over votes and a prize

Well friends, the connection period for Art Prize end this past week and well our book did not make it in. I feel like I could use a cliche metaphor about how it was not meant to be. How that it was just not in the plans God has. Or I could even say that maybe next time it will happen. But to be honest, I am not really worried about it. I am not really upset or broken up about not getting Sarah’s work into Art Prize. If you really want to know what I am thinking and feeling is that I am more worried that this book will not get printed, that it wont build a well to bring water to people in need. I worry that all of her hard work and talent will keep fading as time keeps passing us by. I am not worried about Art Prize, in some way I dislike and hate Art Prize. Not because in some way it had a helping hand in to the tragedy that we all have to live with. That may be a small part of it. But a large part of this dislike is because it takes what artist have been slaving over for months even years and turns it in to a competition. It gives anyone the chance to vote for their favorite art work. When in reality who knows art the best. Who truly can stand there and look at an artwork and say that it is worthy of a vote. Who has that power! No one. Art is a very personal thing that no one can put a prize on. I wish this Art Prize was more of a celebration of the artist that go unseen because of the lack of outlets for arts now a days. In some ways it is that, but has this idea that we need to say who is the best, when we really should be saying how lucky we are that people pour their hearts and souls in to their work so we can enjoy it. We should celebrate these artist because they will face cruel comments from people that don’t understand what they were trying to show with their gift.
So am I upset or worried about not getting our work in to Art Prize. No not at all. I am glad I tried, but I am more caught up with finishing this book. Caught up with trying to do something that will impact the world no matter how small it is. And please hear this, I am not bashing Art Prize because I did not get in, I am not saying its a bad thing or because it is what lead Sarah out there on that day. I am saying I wish there was more to it then just a competition, I wish it was more then people traveling from all over to cast a vote. So will I be going to Art Prize this year? Yes, I will be there on September 30th with one of my best friends, to remember a women that was able to fulfill her dream of being in Art Prize. To celebrate her as a person and as one of my favorite artist, because to me she always had my vote and was always a winner and never needed someone else to validate that.
I hope that you soon will have this book in your hands, and that people that need water will have it. And that we can celebrate the last of her work together.

thank you for reading


A Statement Of Why Not

It’s been a long time since I have written or even updated people on where we are with the book. Well it’s coming. We have gotten behind because of life. But it’s not over yet. We are not done yet. Fin is coming. So where are we? We are at the final editing stage and then will be kicking off a fundraiser to sell the book and have them printed and to build a well! I am so excited for that and cannot wait!

So, what has been going on lately? Well last month I was siting at my computer looking through the book and a conversation I had with a friend came to mind. One of my good friends felt that it would be extremely fitting for me to enter some of Sarah’s work from the book into this year Art Prize in Grand Rapids. I did not know how to feel about that or if that would even be a good idea.  There still are so many emotions tied to Art Prize. It was something that I once was interested in. Something that was fun and different. Now I feel indifferent about it. It does not have the same thrill as it once did. It seems empty and awkward because something is missing from it. Still, while looking through our work I decided to enter in to Art Prize. I don’t know why. While I was sitting there thinking over it just seemed right. The statement of why not came to mind. Why not put her work in something you loved, something she was excited about, something that meant a lot to her? Why not? So, I registered, uploaded some of the pages from the book and well…now we wait till a venue picks the art to be put in their venue to show. It’s an odd thing to think about. About how almost two years ago she had art shown there. It odd to think that it has almost been two years and that this project will be done and we all will continue moving forward. Moving onward in our lives. I still have not gotten in to art prize, and either way I’m not worried about it. I am only worried about finishing this book, printing it, and doing something to benefit other with it. So as we wait for the finish of the book, I have posted some pictures here on the site that maybe shown in Art Prize this year. I hope you enjoy them. There are so many more that I can’t wait for you all to see. Thank you for reading, being patient, and being extremely supportive.