The Plan, The Harsh Reality

It seems like this book will never get done most days. To be honest it is “done,” But we are working on the final design of it. So then we can show it to you all, raise money to have it printed and build a well. Which seems pretty easy…right? To be honest these final steps are scary, difficult, and takes a lot of big decision making on how to make this all work. On a even more personal note, I have taken a job in a different city and moved a few hours away from my closest supporters so there is a lot of coordinating and planning happening over phones and email. So if you know me that is hard because I am a person that loves having face time with someone when making big decisions or asking for advice and help. Still these things will be overcome.

So, where am I right now with the book? Well Sarah’s brother is doing the final edits, while I track down the best way to sell the book, print, and figure out how to ship all the book to buyers. Its a big thing to take on that I have no clue of what I am doing. Still the deadline for everything to happen is now September. Which if we can have the book done then and can raise enough money during the month of September that would be perfect in my eyes because of what September mean to me. But I am not holding my breath. I am just clinging on to the hope that this book will be published. That this book will soon be in my hands and not just page layouts and images on my computer screen. I am still hoping that is book will do everything that we had dreamed of and more, because its not just a book, not just pictures, and paper. It is so much more. More to me then anyone will every know and maybe it will mean a lot to you as well.

Still, I just want to say thank you, to YOU. Thank you for reading, for supporting me, and for being a part of this book in some way. I hope that you all will stay with me on this a little longer and when we start selling this book to raise money to build a well in Sarah’s name and that you would help share this journey with others and what it has meant to me and to you.

So thanks you, and Fin may be a month away and then who knows.


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