This Is Real…

           Almost two weeks ago I got the layout to the book and ordered the first printing of it. I was so excited as I pushed the order button that I could not believe that I has just ordered the first book of “A Year Of Adventures, My Dear.” And then I went on with my day, as it may normally go.
          Then this past thursday while taking a break at work I check on the shipping status of the book, thinking that it would be coming in Friday, I was shocked when the status of the book said, “delivered.” DELIVERED!! I was shocked, excited, panicking because it was siting on my porch and I was at work, and thrilled with the news. So what does any responsible person do in a moment like this? Well, you finish your work day and then rush home to get the book off your porch!
As I pulled up to the house I could see the box at my door, I grabbed my things walked to the door and picked it up, and I was greeted with the weight of the book and what was about to unfold when I got in to the house. I sat it down on the dinning room table, but my jacket and bag away, then just sat at the table looking at the box. Just looking at it trying to clear my mind, to let the busyness of the day slow down so I could enjoy this moment that has take two years to arrive. I open the box, pulled the book out and that moment that I have been longing for had come. I could feel this book, it weighted something, it was real, and in my hands. Oddly I just held it and look at it. Finally I took that deep breath and open the book and it was brilliant. The smell of a new book hit my face and the sound of the books spin cracking filled my ears. As I turned the pages for the first time it was as if I was seeing it for the first time. I marveled over every page and was taken back to every moment that took place as these photos where taken. As I keeper turning the pages I felt as if time had slow down. It was amazing, perfect, and breath taking. I held the book as if I was holding the hand of my lost love and was not sure if I could put the book down. Still I reach the end, closed the book and just smiled. Then the thought came to me, that we did it, we finished the book. It’s done and it’s in my hands.
            But there is still a bit more to finish before fin. We need to raise money to print and to build a well. We need not just finished Sarah’s book, but we did something good with it, something meaningful, and something she would have wanted. We need to make something beautiful come from this and that is the well. A well that can give clean water to people in need and something that gives life, when we have learn what its like when a life is taken. So in the next month we will launch our campaign to print and build that well and I hope that you will be apart of that in some way.
Thank you for reading, and I hope soon you will be holding the book in your hands just like I am.