Needing Help In These Exciting Times Of The Adventure.

It has been a crazy few days and almost some what unreal. Details have been coming together to launch the fundraising to print the book and build a well with Charity Water. So many things are coming into focus and now that has me so excited I some times can’t even sit still when I am thinking about it. Still on the other hand it scares me a bit. Because of the unknown. But we will just take it one thing at a time.

Still, before we kick off the campaign and start raising money for the well that we will build (which the kick off will be Nov. 22nd, which is also Sarah’s birthday.) I could use your help getting the word out that we will be kick off the fundraiser. Its real easy and only take a moment. Below is a link to a website, if you could please go there and click on the button that says support which will link to one of your social media and on the 22nd it will automatically post that day telling people about the book, and our goal of building a well. If you could do that it would help us start off on the right foot as we set out on the final leg of this adventure.

It’s crazy to think that this project will soon be done, and that we have a real chance of building a well in memory of Sarah and that her final work will be printed. So thank you for your help and being a part of this. It will be some exciting months to come as we see how Fin will look.

Thank you.


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