Two Ways This Can Go.

          Ok, so here is the reality. I found myself getting all teared up while looking at all the names of people that have donated to this book and well. Names I don’t even know, people I have never met and it make me so thankful. It makes me see that we can make a difference in the wold, we can make something so tragic and horrible into something that can make some senses and good in this world. It just makes me just think how lucky I am that we have made it this far. But I hope that we can go much further so that we can reach this goal of $30,000. Which seems like a lot, but really we only need to sell 1,000 book. ONLY 1,000 books. Which does not seem that bad. But we are not there yet, which seems like we will never make it there. Like a long road trip and all you can do is ask the question, “are we there yet.”
         I am even going to be even more honest with you. This campaign keeps me up at night with thoughts of what else can we do for support, who have I not connected with that could and will help, what will happen if we don’t reach the $30,000, and what will I say to everyone one if we don’t get there. Its these things scare me. These things that keep me up, because I so badly want to reach this goal and for Sarah’s last work to be seen, to build a well that gives life just as Sarah did to her friends and family. I want this so badly. But on the other hand I have been thinking when we do get to this goal, what will life be like when its all said and done. What will fin look like, and what will I say for one final post. There is only two ways these will end and its time to think about how it will go.
       So if I can ask again, please help us. I hope that it will end with a post called fin, a book in your hand, and a well that gives clean water to people in need. So please help spread the word, help by getting a book or donating something to this cause and lets make something beautiful when so many of us have see some really ugly sides of life because of this tragedy. Lets make this story have a beautiful ending.

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