It All Comes Down To 30 Days

It been a while since I have written. Mostly because of the the business that the Christmas season brings and mainly because I don’t know what to say. I have had so many thoughts on what has been going on with the project. With where we are, where I want to be, and what the reality could be in only 12 days left. I started feeling the air being let out of my sails, things to slow down, and a drift lately. I normally don’t go back and read what I write on this site. Once I hit publish I let it go and don’t come back to it. Still I found myself looking through what I had written. It’s a good reminder of how far this all has come, still I have learned that I hate re-reading my writing, but that a different talk on its own.

The reality now is that we have 12 days left and only $6,845 of the $30,000 we need. I want to stay positive. I want to put my hope in that some how we will get there. That by some miracle, we will reach a number that at this moment seems so far away.  It’s like that movie seen when the Door is closing and the hero is running towards it to get away from whoever is chasing him and it looks as if he is not going to make it, but by some amazing feat he barely makes it and the door closes and he takes a deep breath aver getting through. Thats what I am hoping for. I am hoping that we are running to our goal and right as it comes to a close we will reach that goal and we will take a deep breath and know that we made it,

we made it.

Still it kills me that these past two years comes down to these 30 days and now I only have 12 of them left. 30 days, thats what it comes down to. If you really think of it; all of the work that has been done, all the long days and nights, traveling, and the emotional ups and downs for two years come down to these 30 days. These numbers of money and books that need to be sold. Still, if I have learned anything, one of the lessons I have learned in life is that you have to hold on to hope as long as you can. So it looks as if that is what I will have to do. Hold on to the hope that we can do this! Still thank you for your support, love, and being such a large part of this story.




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