The End of An Old Year, A Start Of A New One

As you are reading this there is only seven more hours till we ring in the New Year. And there is only thirty-four hours left of our Indiegogo campaign to raise money to print the book and build a well with Charity Water ends. It interesting how these two things have lined up; One being we start a new year filled with fresh starts and more changes in our everyday life, and second our project will come to a close with Indiegogo. It is interesting how time plays out. How so many things revolve around time; how our lives have a rhythm with it, and how time can give so much meaning to things and how we wear a watch to tell us what time it is so that we know where we should be and when things are scheduled to happen. Oddly, I wear a watch but not to tell me what time it is, but to remind me that time has not stopped for anyone and won’t move backwards for nobody, only forwards with it perfect rhythm.

But with New Years and time comes questions of what does the future hold for us, for me, and for this book. What will happen when time runs out on the clock and we will be so far from our goal? What will tomorrow look like when we start a new year? And what will happen to everything we have been fighting for when this year ends? A lot of these questions we will keep asking every year and some we will find answers to someday. But what I can tell you about the book is that we will let the time run out on our campaign. Who knows what can still happen. So many amazing things happen in the last few seconds of something big, so it may just happen for us. But if not we will figure it out, like we always do.

During my time home we talked about what will happen to A Year Of Adventure, My Dear. What we could do, what we are willing to do, and what could be best. We talk about what it would look like to just put it up online and if someone really wants one they can buy one and there would be no profit to be made or well to be built. Still while I was home, I had the chance to hang out with someone I truly look up to and hold in high regard. He is a smart man that has never steered me wrong, and while we were sitting at one of my favorite restaurants, he said that he thinks that this is not over yet, that there is still much more left to this story and Sarah’s work is to good to just stop here. And truthfully I think he is right. I think we have come to far to not try something else and see if we can get published, or a large platform to help get Sarah’s last work out there.

So before we make any final decisions on what we will do, and before Fin is written I think 2015 will be the year were we find the perfect ending to this long story. Thanks you for reading, for hoping, and supporting.

Happy New Year My Dear Friends


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