It’s been sometime since I have really sat down and wrote about whats going. Mainly because I am not really sure  and because I am still trying to figure out if its over and this is fin. Or if there is one last thing to explore. As many of you may have already figured out and know we did not reach our goal on indiegogo. Which is sad and a bummer, and with that we have posted a link to where you can order a printing of the book if you really want one. The down side is how much it cost just for one copy. Still, if I am going to be completely honest here I don’t feel like that is good enough. That this can’t be the end of the story. That we have gone so far for it just to fizzle out and lost in the day to day life we live. I guess I was hoping for something greater something more. But oddly I don’t know what that is. It’s that moment when expectations does not meet reality and you are lost in what has and is happen. Still, I am thankful that we have gone this far and that the book is available to people. Some days I still can’t believe that we have made it this far and in that I should be thankful.

Still I have decided that I am not ready just yet to write “fin” and end this story of A Year Of Adventure, My Dear. I have been given some leads to different publishers and I am contacting them just to see if this could be the final step for this journey and if not then fin will be next. I just want to see if there is a larger audience for Sarah’s work. If this story can reach more people and do some good in some kind of way. I know some may think that I am not ready to write fin because I am not ready to let go. But that is not the case, I am ready to let go and end this journey when it feels right, when everything option for this book as been taken in to account. And as of right now it just does not feel right to end this way. There is a band that sings the lyrics, “I won’t quit until I know that I truly tried,” and that is how I feel right now. I won’t quite till I know I have truly tried everything for this book, and for Sarah.

So right now we wait to hear back about what it will look like to publish her book and then after that FIN. Because fin can not be avoided or stopped. It is going to happen and I am ready for it after this one last try. There are only two things that can happen, someone publishes her book and write the final post called fin, or it goes unpublished and I write the final post called fin. Whatever happens the main thing is, the book is done and it is beautiful and I know may will enjoy it and remember Sarah.

Thank you for reading.