Any Lead, is a good lead

I was always told that any lead is a good lead. Why? Because it is better then nothing. Sadly my latest lead was some what helpful, but not exactly what I was looking for. I guess at the end of it all, maybe what I am looking for won’t happen. The idea that someone would publish this book and people can see Sarah’s beautiful and final work. That after all this hard work someone would help print and sell this book to do something greater in this world. But I’m not really seeing that happen.

So, what now? A question that I have been asking for a few weeks now. Is it time to write fin or to hold out for that final lead to bring something new to the table? While I was home seeing friends and family; my friend and I played a few games of chess. Now in all honesty I am not good at chess. I just enjoy the time playing with my friend, the intense focus on what every square of the board holds, and the idea of trying to figure out whats going to happen next. While playing with my friend he started to coach me on how to look at the board, how to see everything to my advantage and disadvantage. Still even with the coaching I still lose every game. But like chess, I need to look at the whole board and what I could do. Right now its looking like all the pieces of the board are bearing down on my King and its time to call it a defeat. But I will look at the board one more time and when I say one more time, I am only giving myself a few days. Till I write Fin and end this long journey that has brought us here.

A few more days and then…we will see what happen.

heres to hoping for the best.

thanks for reading.