The Story of it All

The Beginning

In the beginning of the summer of 2012 my beautiful girlfriend Sarah had just graduated from CCS (College for Creative Studies) and was looking for a new exciting photography project to start after finishing school. It was a very beautiful summer day and we were sitting outside of a café talking about our dear friend that was having trouble in the world of dating. He was bad at coming up with date ideas, and keeping out of the friend zone.  As a joke we though to head over to the local book store to find him a book on dating or on date ideas; After an hour or so we could not find any book that would be of help for our dear friend. In that very moment Sarah came up with this idea of making a book for our friend. One that would involve following couples on unique dates that would be perfect in the different seasons of Michigan, so once we left that book store the adventure to photograph unique dates and making a book to help our friend and others in the dating world began.

During the whole summer season Sarah started photographing different couples on dates around the state of Michigan and I got to tag along and not just be a part of the book, but I also got to watch her do what she loved to do in the field and during the editing process. It was an amazing time and an adventure that meant so much to both of us.

In the fall of 2012, while Sarah was in Grand Rapids showcasing her artwork in the art festival known as Art Prize, she was killed by a drunken motorcyclist on her way home, changing all of our lives that very day. No one can and ever will be able to describe that night and the weeks to come.

After Sarah’s passing, her family and I felt that the project needed to be finished. She had worked so hard and with great passion that for it to never be finished did not seem right. So we picked up where she had left off and working toward finishing this project in the way that Sarah wanted it, the way she imagine it, and how she would have gone about working on it.


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